Maryland HSA Government and HS MISA Assessments Updates

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Maryland HSA Government and HS MISA Assessments Updates
February 10, 2021
Now Open

Spring 2021 HSA Government Administration

The Spring 2021 HSA Government window will open on Monday, February 22 for both online and paper. The window for paper testing will close on May 28, 2021, and online HSA Government testing will close June 4, 2021. The Spring 2021 HS MISA administration window will open on May 3, 2021, with the same closing dates as HSA Government for online and paper administrations.

Scheduling Test Sessions

You are now able to schedule HSA Government test sessions using the HSA Portal. As a reminder, there is a small tutorial on the Help and Support site about creating classes and test sessions:

Spring 2021 Paper Testing

We have created an ancillary document for the Paper Test Administration that provides the page numbers for the start of each session. This was mentioned in the Spring 2021 Test Administration Manual on page 1. That document has been posted to the Help & Support site ( Please be sure to share this document with the STCs in schools administering a paper test.

Additional Materials Order Process Open

The window for ordering manuals and HSA Government test material is now open and will remain open through May 21, 2021. You can access the Online Materials Management tab within the HSA Portal. A Quick Start Guide is available on the Help and Support Site showing the steps for ordering additional materials:

Spring 2021 Administration Manuals

The digital copies of Spring 2021 Test Administration Manual for HSA Government and Test Coordinator Manual have been posted to the Help and Support site:

Spring 2021 Administration Presentation

We have posted the Spring 2021 Administration Training PowerPoint to the Help & Support site for your use. You can locate the document in the PowerPoints section near the bottom of the Training page:

Statewide Schedule Tool

School Test Coordinators (STC) are expected to enter their testing schedule for HS MISA and Government on Schedules should be updated as changes occur due to weather or other events.

Spring Refresher Training Recordings Available

The January 19 LAC and LEA 24 STC Spring Refresher Trainings were recorded and have been posted to the Help and Support Site:

Key Dates Document

The 2020-2021 Key Dates Document can be found on the Help and Support site: ( Click the Printable Document link within the Key Dates section to locate the Key Dates PDF document.

HSA Help Desk Information

MSDE and Cognia are monitoring calls and emails to the Help Desk to assure responses are accurate and timely. Please continue to encourage that your STCs utilize this valuable resource.

Please let us know if you have questions or concerns.