Maryland HSA Government and HS MISA Assessments Updates

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Maryland HSA Government and HS MISA Assessments Updates
January 8, 2020
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Scheduling UPS Pick Ups

The window for scheduling UPS Pick Ups opened on Monday, January 13, 2020. You are now able to submit requests within the HSA Portal to have UPS pick up any paper test materials that need to be returned. If you need a refresher on how to schedule a pick up, please refer to the UPS Pick Up Requests Quick Start Guide on the HSA Help & Support site ( The standard UPS pick up window closes on January 31, 2020, with a late pick up period ending on February 7, 2020. All test materials, including ancillary materials for online students, must be picked up by February 7, 2020. Shipments sent out after the pickup date (February 7, 2020) will be paid for by the school/district.

Additional Materials Order Process Open

The window for ordering additional manuals and test will remain open through January 29, 2020. You can access the Online Materials Management tab within the HSA Portal. A Quick Start Guide is available on the Help and Support Site showing the steps for ordering additional materials:

January 2020 Administration Now Open

The January 2020 HS MISA and Government HSA window opened on Monday, January 6 for both online and paper. The HSA window for both online and paper administrations will close on Friday, January 31.

Scheduling Test Sessions

You are now able to schedule test sessions using the HSA Portal. As a reminder, there is a small tutorial on the Help and Support site about creating classes and test sessions:

Statewide Schedule Tool

School Test Coordinators (STC) are expected to enter their testing schedule for HS MISA and Government on Schedules should be updated as changes occur due to weather or other events.

January 2020 Paper Testing

We have created an ancillary document for the Paper Test Administration that provides the page numbers for the start of each session. This was mentioned in the January 2020 Test Administration Manual on page 1. That document has been posted to the Help & Support site ( Please be sure to share this document with the STCs in schools administering a paper test.

2018-19 HS MISA Student Reports

The 2018-19 January and May HS MISA reports have been shared with schools and each LSS. One hard copy of ISRs will be shipped to each LSS and the LEA 24 schools on January 7, 2020. All HS MISA reports can be accessed online using the Maryland Analysis and Reporting System (MARS). LAC and School Memos have been shared by the MSDE with each LAC and LEA 24 school administrator containing usernames and passwords as well as instructions for accessing the site.

  • The HS MISA Report Interpretation Guide is available within the Maryland Analysis and Reporting System (MARS) and has also been posted to the Help and Support Site under Quick Start Guides: Note that a Parent Report Interpretation Guide is also available for download.

January 2020 Administration Presentation

We have posted the January 2020 Administration Training PowerPoint to the MD Help and Support site for your use. You can locate the document in the PowerPoints section near the bottom of the Training page:

Updated Training Modules

Additional HSA Training Modules have been added to the Help and Support site: Modules were recently added for transferring students within an LSS and transferring students from one LSS to another.

January Administration Manuals

The digital copies of January 2020 Test Administration Manuals and Test Coordinator Manual have been posted to the Help and Support site:

Key Dates Document

The 2019-2020 Key Dates Document has been posted to the Help and Support site (

HSA Practice Tests

The online practice test site is now open. You no longer need a username and password to log into practice tests. You can access the practice test site from the Test Materials section of the Help and Support site: On the practice test site, click the menu to select a test. Then choose between the following tests:

  • HS Government Practice Test (no accommodations)
  • HS Government TTS Practice Test (text-to-speech accommodation)
  • HS Government ASL Practice Test (American Sign Language accommodation)
  • HS MISA Practice Test (no accommodations)
  • HS MISA TTS Practice Test (text-to-speech accommodation)
  • HS MISA ASL Practice Test (American Sign Language accommodation)

Updated FAQs for HS MISA & COMAR Document

MSDE has updated their COMAR policy document (updated on 10/25/18). This updated document has been posted to the Maryland Help & Support Guides page under the Policy Documents button (

HSA Help Desk Information

MSDE and Cognia are monitoring calls and emails to the Help Desk to assure responses are accurate and timely. Please continue to encourage that your STCs utilize this valuable resource.

Please visit the Maryland Help & Support site ( to view all help guides, manuals, and other helpful information regarding the Maryland HSA.

  • We will periodically update the help guides throughout the administrations and will alert users of those changes as new information needs to be disseminated.

Please let us know if you have questions or concerns.